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Project Description

EasyScrum is a free, open source Agile Software Management Tool that lets you easily Create, Estimate, Plan and Track your software projects. EasyScrum is in particularly suited for Scrum. The tool is built in mind for easy visibility of task monitoring, team progress, team member productivity and burn down/burn up charts.


The version 1.0 release will have the following features...

A simple sprint back log

  • Product owners will write stories and groom those stories until they are mature enough for sprint planning

A simple sprint task board

  • Team members can sign up for a particular story, create several tasks and track their hours
  • The members can also see the ‘burn down’ chart and compare their progress with the ideal.
  • The scrum master can see how much each team members are tracking per day

An admin panel

  • The scrum master can add team members, product owners and can assign privileges to them

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